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Filing Company / Individual - 1725 Words

ii) Vuzix Date of registration: 2015 Name of filing company/individual: Vuzix Corporation[US]. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Schumacher, F. (2015) The Wearable technologies SmartGlass overview. iii) Pebble Date of registration: 2016 Name of filing company/individual: Pebble. Pebble smart watch Holly, R. (2014) Which is better: Android wear or the pebble smartwatch? | Android. iv) Iwallet Date of registration: 2016 Name of filing company/individual: Iwallet Iwallet Scanner, B.F. (2014) Say bye to traditional wallet with iwallet - the new age Biometric fingerprint wallet - Biometric fingerprint scanner. 4) Registered Designs : 3D Touch Date of registration: 28 January 2016 Name of filing company/individual: Apple Inc. Details: Apple decomposes at a touch detection function shared with a detection-function-force, and describes how each layer controls a different function to provide a function of several full levels to a feature of an application or game. The touch detection features detection and each force can use or share some or all of the display area. For example, in one embodiment, a user can interact with an image displayed by touching and / or by applying a force in a proper position on the screen, with the corresponding position located anywhere on the screen. In another embodiment, theShow MoreRelatedWearable Shield And Self Defence Device1380 Words   |  6 Pages Wearable shield and self-defence device Date of filing: 2006 Name of filing company: David C. Brown Details: A defense device is a device that incorporates a shield and an electric shock gadget. The shield is designed to shield a client and hardware from physical assault. The individual guard gadget is designed to be worn by an individual with the end goal that it is impossible for an assailant to take it off the individual amid an assault. A personal defense device that includes a shield memberRead MoreSelecting A Form Of Entity For Doing Business1220 Words   |  5 PagesSole Proprietorship Single Member Limited Liability Company â€Å"S† Corporation â€Å"C† Corporation Sole Proprietorships do not file any documents, including annual reports, with the Secretary of State. Accordingly, they do not have legal or creditor protection. Sole Proprietorships prepare Schedule C as part of their Individual Income Tax returns, with exception to farmers who must file Schedule F. The Schedule C is the most simplistic form for tax filing purposes, when it comes to business. Sole ProprietorsRead MoreInternational Regulation Of Copyright Law Essay1687 Words   |  7 Pagesindicates a particular product or service, and legally it apart from all other products. It also serves to only identify the product or service from a particular company, and the recognition of ownership of the company brand. The protected products are generally considered to be a form of property. Most countries have agencies through which companies can have their products with trademarks. One of the main goals of a product is protected to protect the product from used without the permission of the originalRead MoreOil And Gas Extraction Essay763 Words   |  4 Pagesas follows: FERC †¢ Downloadable submission program with majority of forms uploaded †¢ Users are asked to fill in blanks of relevant form fields, which are then submitted digitally †¢ Example of digitized form: No. 6 (Annual Report of Oil Pipeline Companies) †¢ Example of non-digitized form: No. 73 (Oil Pipeline Service Life Data) †¢ Upsolve can either interface with desktop program or identify all undigitized forms to target this area DoT †¢ Online submission portal through Pipeline and Hazardous MaterialRead MoreHow Does Incorrect Patient Information Impact A Claim?1642 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Project number (40930800). (1) How does incorrect patient information impact a claim? Responsible coder collects post and manages account payments, submitting claims and keeping in touch with insurance companies. If patient information is coded incorrectly or incomplete it could leave an impact that can be brought to a claim. Inaccuracy in patient information can leads to denials, none payment and investigation. It is important to get all the details right by verifying insurance coverageRead MoreEssay on Ethical Implications of Outsourcing1164 Words   |  5 Pagesyears, many companies have turned to outsourcing income tax preparation and income tax return filing to companies in other countries to improve performance. The act of outsourcing a company’s tax preparation is reasonable if the company is confident with the servicing company which is contracted; by outsourcing one part of the business they can use resources in other areas (Mintz, 2004). What happens when a tax preparation company outsources customer tax preparation and tax return filing to other cou ntriesRead MoreProcedure Of Company Incorporation Of A Company1484 Words   |  6 PagesPROCEDURE OF COMPANY INCORPORATION The company incorporation is carried out in following two steps: Step 1 - Name approval Submission of application for name availability †¢ An application is required to be submitted online in Form No. 1A to RoC to ascertain the availability of the name along with filing fee of Rs. 500. †¢ The application should mention at least four names upto a maximum of six 6 names, in order of preference. It is at the discretion of the RoC which of these four they choose toRead MoreAcc 553 Week 6 You Decide Essay838 Words   |  4 PagesPart II: Make your recommendation as to what form of organization you believe will be best and be sure to explain the reasoning for your choice. I find the Limited Liability Partnership to be the best form of organization for your company. It will provide the company with adequate protection while safeguarding each partner’s personal assets as well. Under this organization each of you will be strictly removed from responsibility from one anthers actions or potential misconducts. Given that the threeRead MoreAdvanced Law Research Analysis # 21637 Words   |  7 Pagesnon-business filings in the states and D.C. in 2012 was 1,232,294. The report shows that there were 811,789 non-business Chapter 7 filings and 352,553 non business Chapter 13 filings in 2012 (ABI, 2013). My reports also show that amongst the 57,527 business filings in 2012 that 7,760 filed for Chapter 11, 97,167 filed for chapter 7, 12,485 filed for Chapter 13, and 115 businesses filed for Chapter 15 (ABI, 2013). With the information provided we can conclude that more companies file for ChapterRead MoreAssesment 3rai Hr1 Essay1131 Words   |  5 Pagestypes of data collected and the different methods they use to both collect and store data. The report also explains how current legislation affects the collection, use and storage of the data obtained. By determining an individual employment status and collecting data, the company or the employer can understand its legal rights and obligations and be better equipped to deal with any problems that may arise. Organisations need to collect data in order to comply with regulations such as minimum wage

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Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality - 891 Words

Review of McMinn Summary In the book Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling by Mark McMinn (2011), he explores the simultaneous integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality in the counseling relationship. McMinn (2011), stresses the importance of this skill throughout the text and offers insightful and effective ways to manage this. In order to further breakdown this information, McMinn (2011) discusses and evaluates six religious intervention strategies: prayer, Scripture, sin, confession, forgiveness, and redemption. Furthermore, he Concrete Response I wholeheartedly believe that prayer is a superior method of healing and guidance. When I talk to God through prayer, even if nothing immediate happens, I feel relieved and less burdened about issues I cannot control. I accept that sometimes you must be patient and that sometimes it may feel like you are on the wrong path, but as long as I keep praying for guidance, I know I will receive it (Matthew 7:7). The Lord has been a constant in my life and has provided me with many opportunities, some of which I never have fathomed and I praise him every day. Just as McMinn (2011) discusses, prayer is about petition and about worship and that prayer humbles us and â€Å"from this position of humility, we can see God’s will more clearly, and God grants us our deepest desires† (NUMBER). When I was in my first year of college I commuted for the first half of the first semester due to some financialShow MoreRelatedPsychology, Theology And Spirituality1267 Word s   |  6 Pages A 4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in the Christian Counseling Introduction Mark McMinn is a trained psychologist who is known for his book that was written in 1996 called Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling. McMinn had advocated for the Christians who are counselors for many years. McMinn is very experienced in the work and in his field of study. One of the biggest things that McMinn stresses is the importance of establishing and maintaining a goodRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality Essay1665 Words   |  7 Pages Mark R. McMinn’s (2011) Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling establish a way to bring Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality to Christian Counselors. He introduces a replica of how to integrate the three disciplines in the counseling office. The purpose of the book is to instruct counselors how to integrate categories of Psychology, Theology and Spirituality into Christian Counseling. McMinn (2011) contends that many challenges both professional and personal face ChristianRead MorePsychology, Theology And Spirituality1445 Words   |  6 PagesR. McMinn uses his book, Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling to integrate the use of spirituality in Christian counseling in a way that a counselor can use them in a counseling session effectively. McMinn makes the use of various spiritual techniques like prayer, reading the Word and confession and incorporates them in ways that make spirituality work alongside theory in a cohesive ma tter. McMinn explains the world pf psychology and theology is not only something thatRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality Essay1244 Words   |  5 PagesSummary Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Dr. Mark R. McMinn is a very insightful reading for Christian counselors. This book was originally written in 1996, but the revised in 2011 with the help of Dr. McMinn s students. McMinn begins his wonderful reading by introducing the readers to religion in the counseling office. He starts this section a potential client scenario. This client is looking for a suitable counselor who is spiritually sensitive. Different counselorsRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality1843 Words   |  8 Pages Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality Summary McMinn unveils the realism of what essentially happens in the counseling office. He dives into the fitting together â€Å"Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling†. McMinn explains how â€Å"those who enter therapy in the midst of their pain experience a restorative counseling relationship that brings acceptance hope, and meaning into their broken lives† (McMinn, 2011, p. 20). There are various questions surrounding Christian counselingRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality1411 Words   |  6 PagesPsychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Counseling by Mark R. McMinn is a book that discusses two different characteristics of the Christian Counseling field: in counseling sessions and life beyond the counseling sessions for example, the counselor’s job and the counselor’s life. Dr. McMinn starts his book with a brief section written with James Wilhoit that discusses religion in the counseling office. This first section talks about the importance of making good use of the Christian faith in counselingRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality1658 Words   |  7 PagesSummary In the book, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, McMinn expands upon the theory of integrating psychology and theology by providing the reader with concrete methods to utilize in counseling. His approach to integration is filled with helpful guidance for any counselor striving to strike the appropriate balance in their sessions. McMinn divulges into how and when to use scripture, prayer, confession and redemption. He advocates for utilizing these methods on aRead MorePsychology, Theology, And Spirituality1413 Words   |  6 PagesThe book â€Å"Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christianity Counseling† by Mark R. McMinn (2011) is an informative read that delves into the issues of practically integrating concepts of psychological counseling in the Christian context. Some of the questions that McMinn (2011) aspires to address in the book include whether it is appropriate to pray with clients, the role of confession during the therapy process , whether counselors should use scripture memory during the interventions as wellRead MorePsychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark McMinn1464 Words   |  6 Pages4 MAT Review McMinn Lynetric Rivers Liberty University Abstract In the book, â€Å"Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling†, author Mark McMinn gives the reader information on how these three entities can work together in Christian counseling. McMinn offers several ways in which this can be done including the use of prayer, Scripture, confession, forgiveness, the effects of sin, and redemption in counseling sessions. Through narration of counseling vignettes displaying differentRead MoreA Review Of Mcminn s Text : Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality1195 Words   |  5 PagesA Review of McMinn’s Text: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Summary McMinn tells how psychology, theology, and spirituality are used and how they should be used in Christian counseling. A Christian counselor has to look at not necessarily psychology and theology in a counseling session but how religion and spiritually is brought into the session. McMinn (2011) states, â€Å"Religious interventions require us to understand spiritual formation, place priority on personal spiritual

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Essay on Finding Meaning in For Color Girls - 1232 Words

â€Å"†¦And this is for colored girls who have considered suicide but are moving to the end of their own rainbow†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Perry: For Colored Girls, 2010). For colored girls was first written and performed as a play by Ntozake Shange in 1977. It was then called â€Å"for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow was enuf†. Tyler Perry adapted and transformed it into a movie in 2010. For colored girls is centered on nine women as they encounter their fair share of neglect, abuse, pain and harassment both physically and emotionally. They slowly but surely recover from such abuse and discover joy in themselves. The movie begins with the characters as strangers but at the end, they become good friends. I watched this movie because it was†¦show more content†¦When one first watches the movie, one may quickly judge that the characters are in direct contrast to the colors they represent. In the movie, Tangie (orange) which means vitality with endurance plays the part of a promiscuous girl whose hatred for her mother drives her to do what she does. On further look at her character, I realize she is a true reflection of the color orange. She endures sexual abuse from her grandfather and faces abortion at a tender age but is still strong enough to overcome it and bring out her true beauty. The text also employ poems and songs to show the intensity of pain and emphasize the strength of each character and women in general. Characterization is how the characters in the text are viewed and developed as the text expands. For this, I will consider the character, Nyla (purple). Nyla is an innocent girl with dull eyes and voice. Her innocence is revealed as tells of her first time sex encounter and also in her lack of understanding of her mum and sister’s relationship. Her confession of sex to an older man is like that of a young misled child. She is ignorant of the world and its dangers. She just completed high school and is very excited, happy to lose her virginity to childhood sweetheart. Reality drowns on her when she finds out she is pregnant and needed to abort. Her innocence gives her away when she tries toShow MoreRelatedThe Rainbow and Colored Girls Essay1173 Words   |  5 Pagesmade up of seven different colors. As it forms an arch, we may look at its shape as being a segment of a complete circle. From the rainbows physical dimensions, Shange draws out other qualities that suit the fluid ity and logic of her choreopoem. While it can appear a simple natural phenomenon we take for granted, Shanges choreopoem delivers the rainbow as a complex sustaining figure which forecasts a change in the weather and a change in the life of `the colored girls. The rainbow is a powerfulRead MoreEssay On Gender Socialization1574 Words   |  7 Pagesfor girls compared to boys. This teaches young children the generalized norms of what each gender typically wears and plays with, such as how girls are expected to play with dolls and boys with cars. While parents may encourage these norms or combat them, children can observe popular trends, and the effects of the marketing techniques used for different genders may affect them in unknown ways. The goal of this research is to conceptualize the difference between goods offered for young girls and boysRead MoreThe Perspectives Of Black Women And Girls Of Darker Skin1629 Words   |  7 PagesIn the documentary, the perspectives of black wo men and girls of darker skin was examined along with the perceived struggles surrounding their existence within the black community. One of the main interviewees was that of an 8 year old dark complexion girl was noted as saying â€Å"I don’t like to be called black.† The little girl spoke of feeling inferior due to her dark skin. On the opposing end, a girl in the same age bracket but of a lighter complexion also shred the same feelings of sadness as sheRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1244 Words   |  5 Pagesof colors symbolizes the extent to which Gatsby was able to fulfill his aspirations and break through social classes. Thomas C. Foster, author of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, advises readers to use previous knowledge and rely on connotations when finding meaning of symbols in literature, as symbols have multiple meanings. (Foster 104, 248). For Gatsby, Daisy signifies the key to the fulfilment of his dreams as she is, â€Å"high i n a white palace, the king’s daughter, the golden girl† (FitzgeraldRead MoreComparing my Local Grocery Store to Walmart1126 Words   |  5 Pagesproducts than Wal-Mart. The clothing for both boys and girls sections are close together. I noticed that there are articles of clothing that are similar for boys and girls, but they are called different names to make them more masculine or feminine. For example, shirts for girls are called fashion tops and just shirts for boys. Some patterns that I saw in the clothing/toys is that for almost each advertisement or label had a picture of a boy or a girl to indicate which toy or clothing is meant for whichRead MoreThe Color Purple By Alice Walker710 Words   |  3 PagesThe Series of unfortunate events in The Color Purple The Color Purple by Alice Walker starts off with a rather graphic view of a young black woman denominated as Celie. Celie has to learn how to survive her abusive past. She also has to figure out a way she can release her past in search of the true meaning of love. Alice walker wrote this book as an epistolary novel to further emphasize Celie`s life events. From the beginning of the novel Alice Walker swiftly establishes an intimate contact withRead MoreDivakaruni s Illumination : The True Importance Of Clothing1354 Words   |  6 Pagesnewly minted edition of themselves, especially if there is a significant change in color scheme. In a short story titled Clothes† from her 1996 book, Arranged Marriage: Stories, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni uses the items and colors worn by the protagonist, Mita, to not only characterize her journey, but also illuminate the work’s theme of overcoming trials and tribulations. The short-story, â€Å"Clothes, uses colors and clothing to illustrate how trials and tribulations institute growth and changeRead MoreThe American Dating Culture973 Words   |  4 PagesHow to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl, or halfie) The theme of the story to me represents a glimpse of the American dating culture. It is how young men perceive women in general. The narrator starts off talking about getting his mother to say yes to him staying at home, then begins to tell us his steps on how to get a girl. Diaz gives him the confidence and When Diaz mentions â€Å"†¦ a whole crowd will show up at your apartment†¦ it will be fun anyway and you ll wish these people would comeRead MoreAnalyzed Tangled Essay1025 Words   |  5 Pagesthe girl in the tower with the long, loooong hair. In this version, her hair has magical healing powers, gained from a flower that was brewed in a potion and given to her mother during childbirth to save her life. The powers transferred to the child - but then a wicked old woman (who had discovered and nurtured the flower until the kings men found it) stole the baby. Now the woman, Mother Gothel, uses the hairs magical powers to rejuvenate herself on a regular basis. And shes ke pt the girl hiddenRead MoreThe Standard American Business Suit Essay1505 Words   |  7 Pagesyou shuffle through the myriad amounts of color options in front of you. Mystical teals, burnt oranges and chocolaty browns fill your gaze. You just cannot seem to find anything that you would feel comfortable wearing for the day. In terms of style, color is the cornerstone. Many, however, lack the ability to color coordinate. The color of what we wear can exude an impact much greater than we could even define. The topic of the unspoken language of color will allow those who are less fashionable

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Case Review and Business Decision-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Questions: 1.Identify and Discuss the main Issues in the Case of 3M1 Company.2.Actions and Decision taken by 3M1 Company to mitigate these Issues. Answers: Introduction 3M1 Company is accompanied by complex set of activities in which various functions are performed to achieve certain goals and objectives. This report has reflected the key understanding on the particular case and how proper business decision could be taken to make the business effective. In this case study, two questions have been answered after evaluating the complete case of the business. This case study has put emphasis upon the innovation, creation and divergent thinking and hiring female employees in business process to reduce the hazardous complexity of the business. This case has shown the various problems and innovation styles which company has faced due to less effectiveness of the use of social media. Identify the issue in the case In this case study, problems faced by 3M1 company while implementing innovation has been discussed. Some of the problems in this case have been discussed as below. Change in business policies and frameworks This case has reflected the problems faced by a 3M1 Company while changing its business policies, structure and implementing innovative technologies in business. It is considered that if 3M1 Company changes its policies and its culture every time on the basis of demands and needs of the clients then it will not only destruct the value chain activities but also increase the overall cost of the production. Increased overall cost of the business The main objective of the 3M1 Company is to reduce the overall cost of the production and develop product differentiation strategy in its business. This level of analysis will help researchers to understand all the key problem of 3M1 Company while installing innovative and creative technologies in its business. Implementing innovation and creation in business This case is based on the use of innovation and creative business functioning in value chain activities of 3M1 Company. It has put emphasis upon how business could reduce the hazardous business functioning to create safe and effective working environment. However, money invested in its research and development department has not been showing the results as per the desired outcomes. Company has also faced technical errors and loss of the business due to non-effective business functioning. It will not only increase the overall cost of the product but also damage the brand image of company on domestic and international level. In addition to this, data process system adopted through the cyber computing enterprises resources planning in 3M1 Company will also be costly for the 3M1 Company. Gender discrimination in business process of 3M1 Company It is evaluated that 3M1 Company has followed gender equity polices and rules in its business functioning. However, more focus has been made on hiring experts in innovative process to increase the overall efficiency. With the newly adopted innovative technologies and new business structure, company has faced several hazardous problems in its business which put negative impact on the employees and their healths. Social media development This company has been running its business since last 1000 years and providing best quality of goods and services by maintaining effective employees oriented culture program. This company has invested more than $ 1 billion in research and development department to create core competency after adopting innovative and creative business. However, company has faced in problems in marketing its business and failed to adopt social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Google image section to promote its business. Post industrialism and service work service economy It is evaluated that Post industrialism focus on the era where services sectors organization generates more wealth than manufacturing sectors organization. 3M1 company has adopted advanced cyber computing system in its business to increase the overall productivity. In addition to this, company has also created new market by offering advanced services in market by adopting newly developed innovative and creative technologies in its business (Harris, 2006). Following Social determinism 3M1 has also followed the Social determinism theory which has shown that determine the individual behavior to customize productive and quality of the products. Company focuses on adopting innovative technologies and system in its business and increases its overall turnover by following two leading strategy such as cost leadership and product differentiation strategy. This Social determinism will increase the overall productivity and efficiency of business. Technology, organization and strategic choice It is evaluated that with the changes in business structure and increasing needs of the clients adopted technologies have shown the shortcoming of companys offering in market. It will not only result to loss of invested capital in its research and development department but also destruct the brand image of company. In addition to this, linkage and networking established by company in its business has also been changed by its board of directors by entering into strategic alliance with ICTs knowledge and organizations. (Anton, 2015). Gender and Technology Gender equity is the most required in the business success. However, gender equity policies and regulation has been followed by organization but penalties and zero tolerance policies need to be followed in business to increase the overall productivity of the business. Nonetheless, 3M1 has to change its focus on gender equality to hiring experts in innovative and technologies field. Company has stuck in the issues of establish harmonization between gender equality policies and hiring experts for the betterment of organization. End User Innovation These end users are the real clients for the organization. Company has faced issue of increased cost due to increased level of cost while implementing the new technologies. However, enabling the process in 3M1 Company is based on the developed innovation. Company while adopting new innovation has changed the complete set of structure and policies to guide innovation strategies and activities. However, due to the failure of the employees working in 3M1 Company with the advanced technologies, products of the company had to go through the break through stage. In addition to this, gateways and funnel which is used to extract the innovation and creative technologies in market has also facing various issues (Stake, 2013). Technology, organization and strategic choice Strategic choice of the organization is related to hiring right amount of leaders in business process. leaders working in 3M1 Company may also be the concern for the business failure. It is evaluated that all the employees in 3M1 Company are accustomed to act as per the directions and instructions of the leaders. If these leaders fail to instruct employees in determined approach then it may destruct the outcomes of the business. If company continues with this strategy then each and every failure of the strategic plan of business will increase the overall production cost and company would fail in achieving the cost leadership strategy in market. Knowledge learning innovation It is evaluated that learning and knowledge creating program is less effective. The main problem of company is related to acceptance of mistake and encouragement of risk in business. This Knowledge learning innovation program will not only increase the chances of business destruction but also put negative impact on the brand image of company. However, company should increase its internal control system and invest more money in its research and development department (Stake, 2013). Following strategic alliance and strategic choice This issue of the business is related to entering into strategic alliance with other organizations to develop effective and innovative technologies in its business. It is evaluated that company instead of paying consideration amount to other companies for creating strategic alliance should invest its capital in its research and development department. However, company needs to strong its hiring and hires experts employees in its research and development for the development of effective employees. Linkage and networking of 3M1 Company is also less effective which has increased its overall cost of the production cost. If this strategic alliance is managed in effective manner then it will increase the overall productivity and efficiency of business. (Casadesus?Masanell and Zhu, 2013). Feminism in business This increased policies and strict rules of the government have focused on increasing the feminism in business. These policies will completely put negative impacts on the hiring of experts employees, developing effective technologies in business and adopting effective managerial program in 3M1 Company. Therefore, after evaluating the whole case of this company, it could be inferred that company has faced various problems such as implementing innovation technologies, hurdles in entering into strategic alliance with other 3M1 Company and hiring females employees. Nonetheless, changing the business policies and structure of business is very crucial for the business. 2.There are various strategic and management level actions which could be undertaken by 3M1 Company to mitigate issues and problems faced by 3M1 Company. Change in the business policies If 3M1 Company wants to reduce the complex issues of the Feminism in business then it needs to implement strategic plans as per sex equality acts of the government then it could surely increase the overall productivity of the 3M1 Company. Company by using effective strategic tools could easily identify the problems and shortcoming in feminism in business. For instance, PESTLE analysis will help 3M1 Company to identify the possible threats and customized its products as per the demand and needs of the clients in market (Casadesus?Masanell and Zhu, 2013). Making business more decentralized to reduce the complexity of business It is evaluated that if decisions are taken by the employees and concerned department then it will surely increase decrease the problems and issues associated with the particular process. For instance, if adopted technologies are not adapted by employees in their process then management department should leave the decision to adopt those technologies on the employees of 3M1 Company. If contrast decision is taken by management department then it will increase the employees turnover of company. Social innovation Company should adopt proper standards promotional program for its business. For instance, company has focused on using Facebook and Google image section. However, company should focus on using cyber computing system in business (Stake, 2013). Customized business policies and structure of the business It is evaluated that if company is adopting new level of technologies and creative business functioning then it has to customize its business policies and structure of the business for the betterment of 3M1 Company. For instance, business process of 3M1 Company does not allow the parallel routes through their system so that innovations can come from close market interactions or from deep technology research in their labs or from various forms of collaboration, or from serendipitous discovery by their staff (Ganter and Hecker, 2014). Adopting the cyber computing enterprises resources planning by entering into strategic alliance with the ITC It is evaluated that if proper level of cyber computing enterprises resources planning is adopted by 3M1 Company by entering into strategic alliance with the ITC then it will support the newly developed technologies in 3M1 Company. This company has been facing several issues such as installation of the proper technologies and following proper valuing methods in business. It is considered that these cyber computing enterprises resources planning will increase the communication among the stakeholders. It will increase the overall productivity and efficiency of business (Boons, et al., 2013). Adopting proper leadership program It is evaluated that if company fails to adopt proper level of leadership in business. However, leadership program is not managed in effective manner then it will destruct the employees working program and reduce the overall productivity of 3M1 Company. For instance, autocratic leadership style should be followed by leaders when new changes are implemented in 3M1 Company (Casadesus?Masanell and Zhu, 2013). Building an innovative 3M1 Company It is evaluated that company follows the program which is learning from the mistakes. It is observed that company needs to hire experts employees and women in its research and development department to build the new technologies and innovative program in the business. As per the research, it is evaluated that women are more advanced to identity the innovative business process as compared to male employees. Existing business functioning of company is not that strong and it also follows rigid bureaucratic procedures to in its value chain activities which less promotes women employees. It is evaluated that company needs to re-engineer its business process to reduce the cumbersome process of business and increase the women employees numbers. In addition to this, strategic alliance will help company to launch its new innovative technologies and implement creative business functioning in 3M1 Company by hiring women employees (Holbeche, 2015). Hiring Women employees in business Company is focusing on hiring experience and women staff to promote the feminist in organization. However, with the increasing needs of the employees and implementing re-engineering process will require experiences women staff. Therefore, company should focus on hiring only experienced women staff in its business to reduce the complexity of value chain activities of 3M1 Company (Jorgenson, et al. 2016). Decrease the involvement of male clients and hire women employees in business It is evaluated that use of social media is increasing the output of the business. It is evaluated that if women employees are restricted from the developed innovative business process then research and development department of company could not increase the efficiency of the social media use. It will increase the outcome of the business and increase the overall efficiency of use of social media (Demil and Lecocq, 2015). Implementation of the changes in management of innovation Company should increase the capital investment in its research and development department and hiring experts from outside. This level of re-engineering process in 3M1 Company will help company to develop effective business process and implement proper working chain. However, changes in business process on consistent basis may not destruct the business but also increase the overall cost of the production process. Implications of Social Media on Role of Women It is evaluated that if 3M1 Company is brining changes in its process then employees may adapt with those changes and some of the employees may find that difficult due to fear of new complex working system. This will help women employees to increase their employability. It is evaluated that women employees are more active in using social media. It will increase the overall advertisement outcomes of the business. Therefore, it is required to understand that if company wants to increase the overall outcomes by using social media then it has to give proper training to women employees. It will not only help them to adapt with the new system but also increase their efficiency to work with the developed system (Harris, 2006). Conclusion After evaluating this case, it is evaluated that the main pillar of the 3M1 Company success is related to its business policies, implemented business strategies, efficiency of its employees and hiring women staffs and its marketing relation. If these things are managed in proper manner in value chain activities of 3M1 Company then it will not only help 3M1 Company to achieve the desired results but also increase the outcome of the business. Proper hiring of the female employees for the role of the social media will increase the effectiveness of the business (Rothaermel, 2015). References Anton, R., 2015. An Integrated Strategy Framework (ISF) for Combining Porter's 5-Forces, Diamond, PESTEL, and SWOT Analysis. Boons, F., Montalvo, C., Quist, J. and Wagner, M., 2013. Sustainable innovation, business models and economic performance: an overview.Journal of Cleaner Production,45, pp.1-8. Casadesus?Masanell, R. and Zhu, F., 2013. 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Rothaermel, F.T., 2015.Strategic management. McGraw-Hill Education. Stake, R.E., 2013.Multiple case study analysis. Guilford Press.

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SLIDE 6 Essays - Economy, Income Distribution, Labour Law

SLIDE 6 Should we keep the minimum wage law? Some argue that we should abolish it and let the free market decide what to pay their employees. Already we see Small business and corporate franchises paying well over t he minimum wage and that is an example of the free market. The purpose of theminimum wagewas to stabilize the post-depression economy andprotecttheworkersin the labor force. Theminimum wagewas designed to create aminimumstandard of living toprotectthe health and well-being of employees. raising the minimum wage to an excessively high rate would exert inflationary pressure on the economy, but increasing it to keep pace with inflation would only have a minimal effect. By setting a government-specified floor for workers' wages, minimum wage laws tend to disrupt labor supply and demand. SLIDE 5 When government increases minimum wage is causes a shift in demand causing it to decrease. This shift happens simply because businesses cannot pay all the unskilled workers higher wages and stay profitable. When this happens, it interrupts the equilibrium and causes unemployment.

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Svante Arrhenius - Father of Physical Chemistry

Svante Arrhenius - Father of Physical Chemistry Svante August Arrhenius  Ã‚  (February 19, 1859 – October 2, 1927)   was a Nobel-Prize winning scientist from Sweden. His most significant contributions were in the field of chemistry, although he was originally a physicist. Arrhenius is one of the founders of the discipline of physical chemistry. He is known for the Arrhenius equation, the theory of ionic dissociation, and his definition of an Arrhenius acid. While he was not the first person to describe the greenhouse effect, he was the first to apply physical chemistry to predict the extent of global warming based on increased carbon dioxide emissions. In other words, Arrhenius used science to calculate the effect of human-caused activity on global warming. In honor of his contributions, there is a lunar crater named Arrhenius, the Arrhenius Labs at Stockholm University, and a mountain named Arrheniusfjellet at Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Born: Feburary 19, 1859, Wik Castle, Sweden (also known as Vik or Wijk) Died: October 2, 1927 (age 68), Stockholm Sweden Nationality: Swedish Education: Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Stockholm University Doctoral Advisors: Per Teodor Cleve, Erik Edlund Doctoral Student: Oskar Benjamin Klein Awards: Davy Medal (1902), Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1903), ForMemRS (1903), William Gibbs Award (1911), Franklin Medal (1920) Biography Arrhenius was the son of Svante Gustav Arrhenius and Carolina Christina Thunberg. His father was a land surveyor at Uppsala Unversity. Arrhenius taught himself to read at age three and became known as a math prodigy. He started at the Cathedral school in Uppsala in the fifth grade, although he was only eight years old. He graduated in 1876 and enrolled in the University of Uppsala to study physics, chemistry, and mathematics. In 1881, Arrhenius left Uppsala, where he was studying under Per Teodor Cleve, to study under the physicist Erik Edlund at the Physical Institute of the Swedish Academy of Science. Initially, Arrhenius helped Edlund with his work measuring the electromotive force in spark discharges, but he soon moved on to his own research. In 1884, Arrhenius presented his thesis  Recherches sur la conductibilità © galvanique des à ©lectrolytes  (Investigations on the galvanic conductivity of electrolytes), which concluded that electrolytes dissolved in water dissociate into positive and negative electrical charges. Further, he proposed chemical reactions occurred between opposite-charged ions. Most of the 56 theses proposed in Arrhenius dissertation remain accepted to this day. While the association between chemical activity and electrical behavior is understood now, the concept was not well-received by scientists at the time. Even so, the concepts in the dissertation earned Arrhenius the 190 3 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, making him the first Swedish Nobel laureate. In 1889 Arrhenius proposed the concept of an activation energy or energy barrier that must be overcome for a chemical reaction to occur. He formulated the Arrhenius equation, which relates activation energy of a chemical reaction to the rate at which it proceeds. Arrhenius became a lecturer at Stockholm University College (now called Stockholm University) in 1891, professor of physics in 1895 (with opposition), and rector in 1896. In 1896, Arrhenius applied physical chemistry calculate the temperature change on the Earths surface in response to an increase in carbon dioxide concentration. Initially an attempt to explain ice ages, his work led him to conclude human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, generated enough carbon dioxide to cause global warming. A form of Arrhenius formula to calculate the temperature change is still in use today for climate study, although the modern equation accounts for factors not included in Arrheniuss work. Svante married Sofia Rudbeck, a former pupil. They were married from 1894 to 1896 and had a son Olof Arrhenius. Arrhenius was married a second time, to Maria Johannson (1905 to 1927). They had two daughters and one son. In 1901 Arrhenius was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. He was officially a member of the Nobel Committee for Physics and a de facto member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry. Arrhenius was known to have aided Nobel Prize awards for his friends and he attempted to deny them to his enemies. In later years, Arrhenius studied other disciplines, including physiology, geography, and astronomy. He published Immunochemistry in 1907, which discussed how to use physical chemistry to study toxins and antitoxins. He believed radiation pressure was responsible for comets, the aurora, and the Suns corona. He believed the theory of panspermia, in which life might have moved from planet to planet by the transport of spores. He proposed a universal language, which he based on English. In September of 1927, Arrhenius suffered from acute intestinal inflammation. He died on October 2 of that year and was buried in Uppsala.

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The Landscape Masters of the Baroque Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Landscape Masters of the Baroque - Essay Example For the most part, French baroque art can be considered as an expression of the French Crown’s values, particularly those of King Louis XIV.King Louis built the Versailles palace as a symbol of the Crown’s total authority, of which the design of both the palace and surrounding land was a direct product of a rigid, rational, and disciplined approach meant to show the state and government control of the king. The sculptures, paintings, and architecture that were chosen to decorate this palace were, stylistically, purely classical in nature, conveying the timeless and orderly truths of the policies pursued by King Louis XIV. However, not every artist in France wanted to be employed by the government with majority of them electing to leave the country, contending that this was better than placing their artistic creativity in political service. The two most distinguished artists of this period, Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin, chose to move to Italy, where they got inspir ation from the gentle landscape in Rome.Claude Lorrain elected to paint the lovely countryside in form of poetry, populating the landscapes with ancient monuments and their picturesque ruins, as well as flocks of sheep. Poussin also sought to depict similar features in his landscapes on the countryside in Rome. However, Poussin sought to do more than delight the audience or viewer. Instead, he utilized the classical setting to present human history in dramatic form. On top of delighting his landscapes’ viewers, he also set out to instruct them.